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Healthy Fats And Omega-3

Omegas, EFAs, CLA, and oils (particularly fish oils and omega oils) all are part of a group of fatty acids that come naturally in meats and certain other foods and have been shown to have a great range of health benefits. EFA stands for essential fatty acids and CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. The most common omegas are omega 3 and omega 6, which are commonly found in high amounts in fish.The variety of health benefits from omegas, EFAs, CLA and healthy oils ranges from improving skin and hair tone to improving brain function and has even been linked to anti-cancer enhancements. There are antioxidant properties to many supplements containing these essential fatty acids, and omegas in particular have been linked to healthy heart and brain function. The properties of omegas are so potent they are sometimes referred to as superunsaturated fats. These healthy oils and EFAs can be difficult to get enough of in a regular diet, so supplements containing these beneficial ingredients are widely used and recommended for a multitude of health improvements.
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