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Svinam MyFitness sporta klubu atkalatvēršanu ar dāvanām!

Celebrate the reopening of MyFitness Sports Clubs with gifts!

The summer heat has reached its peak, but it feels like Christmas because our friends at MyFitness have reopened the doors of their gyms to the public after a hiatus of several months, which all venues had to take due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We're sure you missed not only your favourite gym, where it's much easier to find workout inspiration than at home, but also your trainer, who always makes sure you're doing everything right, gives you professional advice and never fails to give you a pep talk when he sees that you really need it.

To make it even more festive when you start training in the gym, the team and MyFitness have teamed up to give you some gifts:

  • When you return to your favourite MyFitness club, you'll be greeted with a refreshing Amino Vibe amino acid energy drink* for a more powerful workout without dehydration. *The gifts are limited, so they'll be for those who don't hesitate to start training again.
  • Facebook page is currently running a competition where one lucky winner will win the perfect re-entry gift: a 30-day MyFitness card and a BalticVitamins branded "Starter Kit" including protein powder, shaker, pre-workout drink powder, BCAA powder and multivitamins. Everything you need for a successful start. If you would like to enter for a chance to win this gift, head over to the Facebook page and find out more!
Meet us at MyFitness gyms and stores to celebrate an active and healthy life!
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