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    Adaptogens can help your body adapt to life’s doozies. These herbs aid our bodies in reacting to or recovering from both short- and long-term physical or mental stress. Some also boost immunity and overall well-being. Research shows adaptogens can combat fatigue, enhance mental performance, ease depression and anxiety, and help you thrive rather than just muddle through.
    7 products
    BalticVitamins Veselībai Ašvaganda ekstrakts 500 mg (90 kapsulas)
    BalticVitamins Veselībai Organiskā Kurkuma 1000 mg (60 kapsulas)
    BalticVitamins Veselībai Rhodiola Rosea 500 mg (90 kapsulas)
    BalticVitamins Svara palielinātāji Makas sakne 250 mg (60 tabletes)
    BalticVitamins Svara palielinātāji Ašvagandas auga pulveris (100 g)

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