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    Superfoods are foods — mostly plant-based but also some fish and dairy — that are thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one's health. Blueberries, salmon, kale and acai are just a few examples of foods that have garnered the "superfood" label. The high vitamin and mineral content found in superfoods can help your body ward off diseases and keep you healthier. When incorporated into a well-balanced diet, these foods can promote heart health, weight loss, improve energy levels and even reduce the effects of aging.
    16 products
    BalticVitamins Veselībai Ašvaganda ekstrakts 500 mg (90 kapsulas)
    BalticVitamins Veselībai Spirulina 2000 mg (300 tabletes)
    BalticVitamins Veselībai Hlorella 1500 mg (300 tabletes)
    BalticVitamins Svara palielinātāji Makas sakne 250 mg (60 tabletes)
    BalticVitamins Svara palielinātāji Ašvagandas auga pulveris (100 g)
    BalticVitamins Veselībai Organisks Akai ogu pulveris (100 g)
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