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Proteīna batoniņu entuziaste iesaka gardāko batoniņu TOP10

Protein bar enthusiast recommends TOP10 tastiest bars

Why do I eat protein bars every day?

Not only do they provide an easy way to increase your daily protein intake, but they are also a very tasty alternative to chocolate bars, which are very high in sugar, carbohydrates and calories. If you need something sweet every day but are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, protein bars are a great snack that you can enjoy without worrying about your figure. They can be used by both women and men as an extra snack when exercising or simply as a snack between meals. By the way, they can also be used as a dessert - if you put them in the oven for a few minutes, they turn into a warm, soft fondant-type dessert with a crispy crust.

There is a wide range of protein bars on the market today and, as they are a frequent part of my diet in the daily rush, I have developed my favourites over time. I share my top 10 and hope that this article will take you on a new taste quest.

  1. Lohilo chocolate cake bar

My absolute favourite! Chocolate on chocolate. The name says it all - this brownie-like protein bar with a soft chocolate mousse and caramel filling, topped with dark chocolate and crunch, is perfect as an everyday snack or dessert.

  1. Grenade Carb Killa white chocolate-cookie bar

A very nice textured protein bar with crunchy dark chocolate biscuit pieces. If you like Oreo cookies, this is definitely for you.

  1. BalticVitamins Coconut collagen bar

An excellent protein bar with a mild coconut flavour and the added value of 9350mg of collagen, which is almost double the daily dose. If you don't want to take collagen powders, this is a great way to get the collagen that will help your skin, hair and nails look beautiful and healthy.

  1. Bodylab Cashew nut and caramel bar

This is a classic! A soft protein bar with a caramel coating. Very soft and with a pleasant nutty taste.

  1. Grenade Carb Killa White chocolate-salted peanut bar

This bar has a good balance of sweetness and saltiness, but is overall very sweet. It will be especially tasty for people who like peanut butter and white chocolate.

  1. Barebells Hazelnut nougat bar

Bar nutellas For Nutella lovers: with a strong hazelnut and chocolate flavour. It also has small, crunchy pieces which contrast well with the soft texture of the bar.

  1. Lohilo chocolate-mint bar

Chocolate with mint - another classic combination. A dark chocolate bar with a refreshing mint flavour. By the way, this one also has 6400mg of collagen added.

  1. Snickers Protein bar

When you crave Snickersbut don't want to consume so much sugar, this is a great option. It tastes great - it has whole peanuts, caramel and a soft chocolate nougat.

  1. Warrior Crunch lime pie bar

This one is a little different from the others as it is sweet but with a pleasant sour lime note. For people who don't like all chocolate bars. It has a mild fruity flavour as well as small crunchies.

  1. Barebells Vegan Hazelnut nougat bar

The tastiest vegan protein bar available. This is not a traditional protein bar made from dates and nuts, but has protein from soya, peas and rice, making it more similar in texture and taste to traditional protein bars.

And which is your favourite?

By: cosmetologist Kristiana Schnepste @kristiana.snepste

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